The real uses for powered exoskeletons

From the Fallout powered armor, to the Iron Man suits of Marvel comics, to various other memorable adaptations in entertainment, the uses for powered exoskeletons as well as the possibility of using them for various professions have been discussed.

While the ideas were discussed in the 1960’s about designing a powered man, technological limitations soon stopped the idea, as the current computers couldn’t respond fast enough to the desired movements to make the suit effective. Now, humans have the technology and even some prototypes to ensure that the idea is plausible and possible.

Powered exosuits are starting to come around for military use, as well as for the medical field, and the use and applicability of power armored forces are becoming more and more of a reality for the world. These armored suits will give soldiers the ability to be shielded from bullets and missiles, carry more gear, and even leap over traps.

Earlier applications of powered armor showcased their strength and lifting ability, allowing for the suits to lift about three times more than a normal, unsuited human without putting any strain on the person inside the suit. They can even be equipped with jetpacks to let them fly, hover, and act as armored scouts.

Some suits are even designed to link to a wearer’s brain and can respond to electrical impulses, allowing movement simply by thought, along with using a GPS receiver and even using sensors to monitor the wearer’s heartbeat and vitals.

Medicinal and other uses

Powered Exoskeletons can also be used to replace real internal skeletons, enabling the paralyzed and those with muscle and bone diseases to walk and move around normally. They would depend on the suit to do so, and the design would be much slimmer than the bulky suits used by military forces. Some even only use the lower half, allowing them to be hidden under clothes.

Versions of the suit, still in early phases and also very expensive, are already available for purchase for medical use, as well as for workers who are doing hazardous jobs such as lifting machinery, being around radiation, or other dangers. All the workers have to do is move their tools around and not worry about the weight or the load.

The potentials for various people, including caregivers, firefighters, miners, and others are all incredible and beneficial. The costs can be seen by employees as safety devices and health insurance, making then cheap as well.

The continuation of the exosuit

With the capabilities and abilities of robotic suits getting even bigger and more beneficial for people, the dream of having a powered armored military, paralyzed people walking around, and massive suits doing more work that non-armored humans could in dangerous locations is getting ever closer.

Soon, a real-life Iron Man suit might even fall into the hands of someone worthy of the mantle, and the world will probably be changed forever. The technology is growing, and at this point anything is possible.