Jobs that humans will have under AI

No, not being biological slaves or fuel for batteries, but if and when AI takes most of the jobs they can do better than humans, we won’t be made obsolete. For all the good that robots can do, there are some jobs that require emotions and the human brain that just can’t be duplicated.

Jobs that require context is one of them, because all robots do, even in their most complex form is take an input and produce an output. For example on any word document, a reader can hit control + F and search the document for words by typing the term in. Then the computer scans the words and if they find a match then they flag it.

That’s what a robot does, whether it is scanning the road for obstacles in a driverless car or assembling packages on a conveyor belt. They take an inputted set of commands and produce the desired output if the conditions are right, while humans can do so much more.

Jobs humans will hold

  1. Empathy

While machines can scan and deliver data, they certainly don’t have the bedside manner that humans do, and breaking the news that someone has cancer or has lost a loved one isn’t something a robot should do. Humans will be needed to connect with their fellow humans on an emotional level when the time calls for it.

  1. Creativity and imagination

Humankind will still need the creatives in the world to move it forward as robot creatives simply use the past logic to mash the most creative parts together – and things don’t look good. Human thinkers who are allowed to create will help push new innovations forward, and will likely come up with new ways to use the robots.

  1. Risk-taking

Robots think in terms of percentages, and that means that their computer brains will always go with the higher percentage idea, regardless of consequences. However, humans have managed to use an idea with a low chance of success and get it working anyway. No robot will be able to comprehend about doing that.

  1. Companionship

For many elderly people, they can live longer than ever before with good health and some biotechnology, and sometimes they just need someone new to tell their stories to. Humans are natural emphatic listeners and can provide companionship for the elderly who need it in the changing world.

We aren’t useless yet

While humankind will lose some jobs to AI, we’ll be creating many more by specializing into what robots can’t do. It might even allow people’s true selves to flourish. Imagine if a naturally creative person didn’t have to work a draining 9 to 5 job every day. What could they accomplish with all the free time?

Our world might get more creative as the tedious jobs are handed off to robots and machines, and we could even have another worldwide renaissance on our hands as art, culture, and music reach new creative heights.